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Awards and Contests

Awards and Contests menüpont almenüpontjai:

Gabriella Wanatka Lions Award

Lions Press Award For the first time in its history, in 2014, Lions Clubs Association of Hungary announced and adjudged the award that was named after Gabriella Wanatka who was a supporter of the Lions...

International Peace Poster Contest

Lions Clubs Association of Hungary announces the national competition of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest every year. The association expects the active participation of each national club...

International photo contest

Lions Environmental Photo Contest We are past the deadline for sending in entries for the competition of 2014/2015. It is expected that the photo competition will be announced again for the 2015/2016 Lions...


Charter of Cooperation between the districts of 103 Centre (France) 111 South-West (Germany) and 119 (Hungary) One of the most significant aims of the LIONS movement is to promote understanding between...

Peter Aab Lions Music Contest

Tri-Jumelage Peter Aab Youth Music Contest The sponsoring 3 Lions-Jumelage Districts: 103 C (Centre) France 111 SW (South-West) Germany 119 Hungary aim to assist the musical development of young people...

Game ball shows and competitions

Lions and the sport of game ball The sport of game ball and the Hungarian Lions movement first met in March, 2010 in Győrújbarát where the First Lions Club of Győr organized a charity game ball gala...


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