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Lions Clubs Association of Hungary D-119

Health care programs

Lions are often called to be the knights in the battle against blindness, who focus on the help of the blind as well as the prevention of blindness through their various programs and service work. Apart from this, we also participate in other public health care programs.
Lions clubs support the prevention of the blindness caused by the illness of diabetes in adulthood in the course of local and global health care programs. Furthermore, they put a great emphasis on the support of the protection of hearing through various screening programs among children as well as adults.
Alongside these programs, our national Lions club also put an emphasis on the support of the medical provision of the disabled and prematurely born children. Apart from purchasing various new medical instruments, support also means the support of community programs for children such as the occasional participation in theatre programs or handing over Christmas presents personally.
The parent hostel operated by the Pécs-Normandia Lions club is a unique initiative offered free of charge for parents whose children are treated with leukaemia or tumour diseases.


Lions Európa Forúm 2018.10.25. Skopje

Lions Európa Forúm 2018.október 25-27

Jótékonysági Koncert

Jótékonysági Koncert

Tri- Jumelage

Tri- Jumelage
2018.szeptember 20-23