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Maintaining the Lions Accommodation in Pécs

The Pécs-Normandia Lions Club maintaining a free accommodation mostly for those parents, whose children are threated with leuchaemia and tumour. The parents and temporarily their children can stay there for free of charge during the period of the medical treatment. As the accommodation became open also for the other departments of the hospital, the usage is growing quickly. Since 1994, more than 43.000 guest nights have been spent there, all together. After the expansion and reconstruction in 2010, the building became a real convenient and well-equipped accommodation with 10 rooms 28 beds, separate bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, community places and WiFi access.
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Lions Európa Forúm 2018.10.25. Skopje

Lions Európa Forúm 2018.október 25-27

Jótékonysági Koncert

Jótékonysági Koncert

Tri- Jumelage

Tri- Jumelage
2018.szeptember 20-23