Cseretábor / Youth Camp

Youth Camp in Hungary

Lions Youth Exchange Camp in Hungary

CAMP 2022: Hidden Treasures of Eastern-Hungary


Camp Language: English

Camp maximum capacity: 30 persons, ages 18-22 years

Camp Dates: 17-29 July, 2022

Family Hosting Dates:
Participants from Europe: 10-17 July (1 week)
Participants from Overseas: 10-17 July  and 29 - 05 August  (total 2 weeks)

Suggested arrival by air: Budapest "Liszt Ferenc" Airport (see on the web

Main accomodation: Hotel Tara, Nyíregyháza

Program venues: Nyíregyháza, Tokaj, Nyírbátor, TÉKA Folklore Camp (Nagykálló-Harangod), Tákos, Nagyhódos, Túr River, Budapest... and many more

Activities: Swimming, spa, zoo, wine muzee, hiking, folk dance, folklore, biking tour, canoeing, sightseeing...

Local organiser: First Lions Club, Nyíregyháza

Personal documents required:
Passport and/or national identity card,

Recommended: International Student ID (if available) (see: HERE )

EMA type approved full vaccination documents or QR code or print screen from the app

What to pack?

Comfortable walking shoes, swimsuit, hat/cap, rain jacket, backpack, warm pullover, other personal belongings and anything else you might need for a fun vacation (games, musical instrument, etc.)

Camp fee: € 200,- net, all fees/costs associated with the bank transfer have to be covered by the Applicant

Deadline receiving payment: April 30, 2020

Bank Transfer Details:

Bank’s name: MKB ZRT.
Bank’s address: H-1056 BUDAPEST, VÁCI UTCA 38.
IBAN Account No: HU62 1030 0002 2033 3522 4882 0019

Insurance - European Participants:
Required: EHIC (what is it? see HERE )
Recommended: additional travel, accident, and health insurance, plus Covid 19 specific additional insurance 

Insurance - Non-European Participants:
Required: Individual travel-, accident-, and health insurance, plus Covid 19 specific additional insurance 
A copy of the Insurance Policy has to be submitted together with the Application Form, or upon arrival in Hungary, the latest. Additional possible requirements for campers about pandemic situation before 30th of march upon the european YEC negotiation.
All Applicants travel and participate in the Camp and Host Family programs at their own risk.
No personal insurance will be provided by the LIONS Club.

Youth Exchange Chairperson: Mr. András Fésűs
Telephone: +36 30 932 4865
E-mail: yec@lions.hu
(Send your YCE 1401 Application Form to the above e-mail address via your local Lions Organisation!)

Camp Director: Mr. Roland Antal club president
Telephone: +36 20 5167395
E-mail: antal.roland77@gmail.com

Camp Leader:  Mr. Attila Jeles
Telephone: +36 20 5251415
E-mail: jelesattila@gmail.com 

Family Hosting Contact: Mrs. Timea Iván
Telephone: +36 30 9893654
E-mail: lions.camp.hungary@gmail.com

Lions Clubs Association of Hungary

Useful links:
Application and Camp brochure see bellow

Nyíregyháza promotional short video 


Cseretábor / Youth Camp

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