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We are past the deadline for sending in entries for the competition of 2014/2015. It is expected that the photo competition will be announced again for the 2015/2016 Lions year.

The 2014/2015 Lions photo contest

Description: the photo contest that is announced every year provides a way for the members of the Lions clubs to portray, through their own original photo, their pride and commitment to improving, protecting and preserving the environment of their Lions clubs.

Opportunities to apply: the contest is open for every Lions member whose club is in a good standing. Participants can submit only one of their own, original, unaltered, black-and-white or colour photo without people (that is printed in the size of 8” x10” , i.e. 20,3cm x 25,4 cm).

Every district can submit only one photograph of their environment per year by the deadline that is 1st May, 2015, the latest (the deadline for clubs to submit the chosen entries to the district is 31st January, 2015!) in the following five categories:

-Animal life
-Urban or natural landscape
-Plant life
-Weather phenomenon
-As well as the special theme of this year: The dream about the healthy environment (Capturing the values and beauties of our natural environment today and in the future)

Rules (both international and district rules, implicitly)

All entries have to contain the tite, the negative (in case of a digital photo, the EXIF* data) and a description of 25 words (or shorter) about the photo*, as well as the information about whether the captured environment should be developed, preserved, or protected.

//*Only photos having the original EXIF data can be accepted (for further details, enquire at the manufacturer of your camera, all digital photos contain this in the default setting). Please always keep the digital photos in their original size, for any later verification of ownership.

**The winner of our district will be requested to give a description and title in English, as well. To enter the national round of the contest you do give the description in both languages.//

The winning entry of the district will be chosen by an impartial professional jury.

The winning national entry will be presented at the Lions International Convention and the registered attendees will vote for their favourites in each of the given five categories, as well as their overall favourite to win the “Show’s best” title.

At all levels, all the participants should be judged by an objective, impartial judge. The impartial judging of photos should focus on originality, artistic merit, and portrayal of the environmental theme.

Depending on the quantity of the entries the photographs will be either displayed in frames of an exhibition or published on our website. The category-winning national photos will be exhibited at the Lions Convention.

The winning national entry, the negative or file and the description should be sent to the Lions Clubs International by 1st March 2015 (note that it is not the deadline for the individual participant) via post and e-mail. The entry form is only considered to be completed if the photograph is attached. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the file can be opened electronically or the entry can reach to the judging phase without any damage.

Photographs must be original, they cannot resemble to any other photo in any way, and can only be connected to the topic of the contest. According to the rules of the contest, photos capturing people are automatically disqualified of the contest. One photo can only be submitted once. The International Association of Lions Club also reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the criteria of the contest.

Contest photos become the property of Lions Clubs International. It is the responsibility of LCI to resize photos in order to be framed and to exhibit the winning entries. The costs involved in taking and sending the photographs should be covered by the participants.

Application form (national!)


Date: 31st January, 2015 (the latest)
Name of Lions member:
Address of Lions member:
Name of Lions Club:
Identification of Lions Club:

Please indicate which category you submit your photo for:

-Animal life
-Urban or natural landscape
-Plant life
-Weather phenomenon
-As well as the special theme of this year: Lions’ Pride in our Environment. Capturing the magnificent beauty and grandeur of our natural environment.

Title of photo:

-Description of photo (a maximum of 25 words*):


I hereby state that the submitted photo and negative attached to the application form is my own creation.

**The national winner will be requested to give the title and the description in English to! To enter the application for the national round of the contest, it is not compulsory to include the description in both languages.//

Signature of the photographer (in print and handwriting).

Applicants from Hungary have to send in their photos for the national round by 31st January, 2015 via e-mail. (Please, set your camera to the highest resolution possible. We expect to receive the photos* in JPEG file format. Please, send your photos to the following e-mail address: . The e-mail address receives the photos without any restrictions to size and amount. The number of photos one single applicant can submit is not limited. Please, also send your filled in registration form along with the digital photo in your e-mail.

The national district can only submit one photo to the international contest. For further information, please enquire at the above mentioned e-mail address.

The winning national entry has to be submitted by 1st March, 2015 (note that this is not the deadline for the individual participant):

Lions Club Intrnational
Lions Environmental Photo Contest
300 West 22nd St.
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842 USA

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