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2022. Zsófia

indulás: 2022. október 28.
vége: 2022. október 28.
ország: Spanyolország
tábor neve: Spanyolország

My name is Babarczi Zsófia. I come from Hungary, and I spent two weeks in Spain at the Costa Blanca camp where I made unforgettable memories. I had to take two planes just to get to Spain and to my surprise I happened to travel with 3 of my other campmates on my second plane. We didn’t know that we were arriving on the same flight, so we were very happy and as soon as we got off, we started chatting and getting to know each other. Then we had to take the bus that took us to Benidorm, where we spent the next two weeks. We stayed at a hotel which was a pre-school and a hotel at the same time, which was very interesting to me since I've never seen anything like that. We didn't have any activities the first day since most of us had arrived very late. We played a few games at 11pm to get to know each other and went to bed. I don't exactly remember the order of the activities. But I know on the second day we visited the town hall and got to hear about the city's history and a little about how they took care of everything in the city. On that day, similar to a few days the city's Lions Club has given us lunch. They were always very nice and welcoming. Sometimes they spoke to me in Spanish but I unfortunately don't speak the language so I had to ask for help from one of our supervisors.

The first few days went quite formal; we walked to the city hall with our flags and music then we had our ceremony. They also played our videos that we had to record (a short introduction about ourselves). The rest of the days were more free fun. We went to the beach a few times where we got to try canoeing together. We’ve been to rocky and sandy beaches and there was a pool at the hotel as well. We went to an amusement park and tried many crazy rides. That day was one of my favourites. And went to two different Zoos as well. I took a lot of pictures of the animals and the tigers were my favourite. They came very close to the glass and rubbed their heads to the wall. We went to a smaller waterfall where people could jump into the cold water and swim around. The water was freezing but the slim river running between the rocks with flowers around was very beautiful. I wish we could’ve stayed there longer. We also went hiking to a lighthouse and climbed the mountain next to Benidorm. A reason why I didn’t say my age in the beginning of this little report was because it actually happened during the camp along with one of the guys. On the first Friday it was his and on the second Friday it was mine. It was on very convenient days. I don’t think I had a birthday celebrated more times than this year. They made me feel very special. On the last day we did the goodbye ceremony, and we went out to the beach to have a little moment together. We all hugged and cried since we grew very fond of each other and promised to keep in contact even if we will be countries apart. We also went into the sea for the last time and stayed up all night. I had an amazing experience in Spain. If I could go back there with all the friends that I’ve made I would never hesitate to say yes. And I would definitely encourage anyone to go to a camp if they are thinking about it.

Zsófia Babarczi

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