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2023. Anna

indulás: 2023. november 13.
vége: 2023. november 13.
ország: Németország
tábor neve: Németország


my name is Anna Lázár, I am 16 years old, I live in Hungary and in the summer of 2023 I spent 3 beautiful weeks in Germany, in the Metropole-Ruhr Lions Club Camp.

 First I was at a host family for 2 weeks. I had 3 host sisters,2 german and one irish, who also participated in the same camp just like me.

With the family we visited Cologne and lot of other cities in the near. We went with them to school, wich was very different from ours, so it was a great experience. We baked together, tryed out the parents job and walked a lot with their dog in the town. I tasted a lot of local dishes, met with a lot of kind people, took part in local festivals. In that days were a traditional organisation, called „Schützenfest”. I have never seen that kind of festival before, so I really liked it. They were very nice with us, we chatted a lot and I hope we will meet soon again, because I really miss them.

In the camp I spent 10 days with 17 other exchange student from all over the world. There were some people from the USA, form Italy, from Türkey and from a lot of other places. Every evening we lighted a fire and somebody always introduced her country. I have knew a lot of interesting things about their country. After this we always danced or played volleyball.

We also visited a Fire Department, we got a guided tour throw a paper mill, but we also visited a museum about the Neanderthal. We tryed out different sports e.g. beach volleyball, minigolf, canoeing.

Just as we were at a big theme park or in a dripstone cave. On the last night we organised a big party with some other Lions Club and our host families also came there. After everybody signed everybody’s camp t-shirt we went to dance all night.

The last day was the worst, because I needed to say by to everybody.

I had a really good relationship with everybody, I met with a lot of kind people and with some of them I am still in touch and hopefully we will visit eachother soon. The camp organisers were also very nice and I couldn’t wish better ones.

I think this was the best experience in my life and I will always remember for it .  I hope I will have the chance to take part in other camps in the future and meet with people from all over the world.What is more I could practice German and English too and my knoweledge developed a lot.


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